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Step inside of a global battle submarine and become aware of for your self what it used to be prefer to dwell and paintings underneath the sea waves. exceptional cutaway illustrations offer a brilliant and intimate perception into each element of submarine life.

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The torpedo was guided below along curved rails. The British Tiptoe, submarine shown taking on torpedoes between patrols. Built by Vickers, Tiptoe belonged to the third group of T' boats, launched on February 25, 1944, displacing 1,321 tons surfaced and 1,571 submerged. /% The T' class submarines had an overall length of 275 feet, a beam of 26 feet and a complement of 65 men. The diesel engines gave a surfaced speed of 15 knots and a submerged speed of 9 knots. Apart from their 6 internal and 5 external torpedo tubes, the later HP class submarines showed the need for increased anti-aircraft protection taught by wartime experience.

DIESEL AND BATTERY 29 Fighting Shown here is a CI an Atlantic gale -boat running on the surface during an Atlantic gale. Many merchant ships, escorts and submarines operating in the North Atlantic during World War II were badly damaged and some surface ships were even sunk by violent weather. The surge of the waves could still be felt even when a submarine had dived as deep as 82 feet. One U-boat captain describes just how bad storm conditions could be: 'While trying to run before the storm at full speed, the boat dived twice.

HUMAN TORPEDOES 41 Modern submarines A. Nelson's (170 Column feet). B. 'Holland' (64 feet). C. U-boat (252 feet). D. 'Alfa' (267 feet). (285 feet). (560 feet). G. 'Typhoon' (563 feet). E. Valiant F. 'Ohio' 42 MODERN SUBMARINES Nearly 50 years after the end of World War II, the diesel-electric submarine is still in widespread service around the world. But it took the coming of nuclear power in the 1950's to bring in the age of the true submarine: not only faster below the surface than on it, but freed of the necessity to surface in order to recharge the battery of its underwater power source.

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